Quantum UK is a national distribution company for all parts of the UK. We are based in the North East of England.

We distribute everything Quantum covering both freshwater and saltwater. From our fantastic flagship product: the non refrigerated, excellent coral food Bio-Enhance and the formidable salt range that tailors to your corals or fish’s specific needs. To our ultra concentrated Water Primer and Bio-Nutrients plant super food!

Quantum screams quality and our products are some of the best and most well formulated on the market.

What do you expect from a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute?


From humble beginnings keeping and selling Shrimp and Cichlids, Alex went on to create and run a successful marine aquatics store before setting up and running Quantum UK. With 15+ years experience in both marine and freshwater he’s learned a thing or two.

Alex enjoys Mandarin Dragonets, perfect parameters and flapjacks (if you’re visiting the office)

Digital Creative

Harv is an award winning creative and a planted tank lover, with 10+ years experience keeping freshwater tanks 

Harv enjoys Betta fish, HC Cuba carpets and Wine Gums

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